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 Date: April 3rd and 4th, 2010


Location:         Hamburg, Germany

        Sporthalle, Sportvereinigung Polizei (SVP)

        Carl Cohn Straße 41

        22297 Hamburg


The time table will be announced a few days before the tournament starts.



The winners of the Open Class (with Gi) will receive:

1st prize: 100 € and a Gi
(sponsored by  www.mma-fightwear.de)

2nd prize: 50 € and a Gi
(sponsored by www.mma-fightwear.de)

3rd prize: a bag full of merchandise


The winners of the Open Class (No Gi) will receive:

1st prize: 100 € and a mma fight short
(sponsored by www.mma-fightwear.de)

2nd prize: 50 € and a mma fight short
(sponsored by www.mma-fightwear.de)

 3rd prize: a bag full of merchandise

The best fighter (male and female) will receive a gi.



- the first three places of each belt and each weight-class will have the   opportunity to participate for the Open Class

- there will be another Open Class for women. This one is open to           every female participant. The first two places will receive a bag full of   merchandise and a gi or a fight short and the third place will get a     merchandise package. There is also the alternative to fight in the         male Open Class



registration fee for each participant:

with Gi:         25 €

no Gi: 25 €

If you‘d like to compete in both categories, the fee will be 30 € / participant.


The first 50 participants will receive one tasty juice pack (Acai).

In addition every competitor will get a shaker as well as a pill box 

(we DON‘T support doping , the box is only for harmless intentions, like additional vitamins)




  • registration until Thursday April 1st, 2010
  • you have to show your passport before weigh ins
  • the competitor has to be in the warm-up-area according to the fight-schedule
  • the participant can only enter the fighting mat , when we call him or her
  • coaching is only allowed behind the barrier
  • the organizer doesn’t assume liability

There will be a photograph during the whole event.



You can buy food and drinks for a manageable price during the whole event




There is the opportunity to sleep in the sports hall for 5 € for each person and night.


http://www.schanzenstern.de/hotel/stpauli/zimmer_detail.php? content_id=46










Weighing (the weighing is on both days just before your first fight) :

- a short time before the first fight

- if the participant doesn’t make the weight, there will be no refund    and he or she can not enter the competition

- you can not change your weight class during the competition


10:00             -             rules meeting



12:00          -          White Belt Adult Female

12:00          -          White Belt Adult Male




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